How To Book

It is advisable to book your holiday several months in advance to ensure the smooth planning of your trip. Since tourism started relatively recently in Bhutan, tourist infrastructure is still limited. There is also a limited number of flights in and out of the country. This means that peak season can be quite busy, so the earlier you book, the better chance we have of securing flights and good hotel rooms for you.

At festival times you may need to book over six months ahead to get flights, especially if you are unable to be flexible and are tied to particular dates.  Also if you have particular preferences for hotels then the sooner you book the better chance we have of securing these for you.  Most hotels in Bhutan have only 15 to 20 rooms or so and they can get booked up over 9 to 12 months ahead of time for the busiest dates in peak season, so the earlier you contact us the more likely it is we can meet your preferences.

A simple guide to booking your trip

  1. Choose the type of tour you are looking for (cultural, festivals, trekking or a mixture of all three)
  2. Select an itinerary from those on our site or contact us to design one specially for you
  3. Decide on your dates (bearing in mind the seasons and any festivals you want to include)
  4. Once you are happy with the options discussed, confirm to us your choice of dates, itinerary and flight/overland routes
  5. We will reserve seats for you with Druk Air or Tashi Air
  6. We will also book hotel rooms, transport, guides and everything else necessary for your trip
  7. You will need to book your own long-haul flights to your point of departure for Bhutan – make sure you leave plenty of connecting time and preferably an overnight if you can
  8. In due course we will let you have payment details for you to transfer payment for your trip
  9. Fill in our visa form, and send to us with a colour scan of your passport
  10. Once your money has arrived we will send you formal trip confirmation and receipt
  11. Then we can apply for your visa and issue your flight tickets
  12. We will send you your tickets by email and a copy of your visa authorisation
  13. You need to take both these documents with you to show to the airline at check-in
  14. Your visa will be stamped into your passport on arrival in Paro
  15. Don’t forget to find out about visa requirements for any countries you are passing through en route
  16. Before you go we’ll send you some general information about visiting Bhutan with helpful tips on matters such as money, communications, culture and customs and so on
  17. We will also confirm to you the name of your guide (who will meet you at the airport at Paro) and give you his contact details
  18. All you have to do then is pack your bags and we’ll see you in Bhutan!