Although delays on Bhutanese airlines are not uncommon, it is quite rare for a flight to be cancelled altogether. However in extreme circumstances the flight may be delayed until the following day. In that case the airline will be responsible for making arrangements for board and lodging for you for that night.

If you are unfortunate enough to miss a day of your trip we will do what we can to assist by refunding you what we can from that day’s payment, based on whatever is not yet spent and what we can recover for you. For example, we would apply to the government to waive the sustainable development fee for the lost day and we would also do what we can to minimise the charges for the hotel for the lost night. Other costs such as provision of a guide, driver and vehicle will already have been incurred and it will not be possible for us to cancel these at the last minute, so we will not be able to refund your payment for that day in full, but we will do our best to return you as much as we can in the circumstances.

If your return flight is delayed then you are in a better position! Usually the airline will arrange the additional accommodation for you and if you want to keep your guide and driver for the additional time you are in Bhutan we will do our best to arrange this (if they are not already booked elsewhere) and we will make these additional arrangements at the best price we can for you, which we will discuss and agree at the time.

You will be responsible for arranging any necessary changes to your onward international flights. Please note that we cannot be liable for any additional costs or expenses you may incur in relation to your onward travel arrangements by reason of a delay with your Druk Air or Tashi Air flights.  We can also not take responsibility for any impact on your planned schedule for your Bhutan trip as a result of any changes in the Druk Air or Tashi Air schedules or timing changes for your flights.

You should bear in mind that it is not at all uncommon for both Bhutanese airlines to change their schedules at short notice, with a consequent impact on international connections, so it is advisable to leave plenty of time (at least three to four hours, but preferably an overnight) between your Bhutan flight and your international flight at each end of the trip.